Lesson 1: Understanding the LinkedIn platform

LinkedIn can be extremely powerful — especially when you’re aware of all the platform’s hidden features that don’t get nearly as much attention as they deserve

On other communication platforms or social networks, you will find people without clear intentions and goals. But the same is not true for LinkedIn, where people are looking forward to connecting with you, giving you a job offering or even becoming your business partner.

LinkedIn used to its fullest potential will improve your brand awareness, build your network, boost leads and conversions, increase revenue, and anything good you can think of.

The aim of this first mail isn’t to turn you into a Jedi but to show you the power of LinkedIn and explain why its the best network you need.

Target Market

According to HubSpot LinkedIn has 650 million users and 40 million companies on its platform. That’s the number of persons and businesses waiting to do business with you every second of the day. It’s an established place for professionals, Job seekers and students who can’t wait to share their journey with you.

Establish a Strategic Partnership

It has never been easier to establish relationships and partnerships on a global scale. Finding people in-line with your kind of business, and associates with the right experience begin with a simple connection.

 For example, a flower store owner can save days of researching local wedding planners, event planners, funeral directors, hotels and anyone who would be an ideal customer.

You can partner with anyone from anywhere simply by sending a connection request

 Leadership Influence

The platform presents an easy way to gain confidence and increase revenue streams. If you are someone in a position that requires you to show and tell, LinkedIn is a perfect place. Here are a few advantages:

            Expand your target audience

            Increase number of followers

            Expand networking channels

            Promote your personal or company brand


When it comes to making real connections, LinkedIn is King.

Not only is LinkedIn the only channel that you find the best people. It’s also the channel with the best reach and which converts best. In the next lesson, we will dive into how to set up your LinkedIn profile.                                      

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