Lesson 6: Track Your Success

You have spent the last 6 days working on your profile, making connections and increasing engagement. . If you put little or all the previous lessons into practice, you will see improvement in your profile statistics.

Thumbs up.

It’s time to track your success.

Why track anything you might ask?

Think about it this way, how will you reach your destination without a way to know you are heading towards it? That’s why most roads have signposts.  It works the same way on LinkedIn.

Tracking your progress is the best way to make the best out of LinkedIn.

Knowing what to track will show you what you are doing right and what you should change. There’s no one fit all metrics. That’s why I have split it into two. Major and minor metrics.

Major Metrics.

Improving your major metrics is what you should always aim for. It shows you how your personal network is expanding and the impact of your activity. Here’s a few of them:

Page views

Make it a duty to check this number weekly or monthly. It shows how people are engaging with your various activities over a period of time.

Pageviews are a foregone conclusion once you are always active. If you discover your page view is in the negative compared to a previous number, make it a duty to post at least once a week about your work, a new discovery from other notable people or just you teaching something you know.

Search Appearance

This is one key way to optimize your summary. This number increases when the words in your profile match the words people are typing into the LinkedIn search box.

Though you wouldn’t know who’s looking but you could tell if your profile is appearing in search or not. Replete your keywords in your headline at least once and in your summary at least twice.

Keep optimizing until you see improvement.

Also note that the more your connections the  higher and frequently you appear in search results.

Social actions: Like, share, comments.

This is an important activity metric to focus on. The more social engagement you get, the more you are able to tell how your post, article and comments are influencing those in your cycle.

From there you will be able to understand:

  • Which group of people are engaging with your post?
  • What kind of post works (long, short, how-to, technical post) and what doesn’t?
  • What kind of post is getting more interaction, comment and social shares?

Your number of social shares have a way of increasing your visibility.

Minor Metric.

Number of connections?

This number should increase gradually as your page activity increase. LinkedIn allows you to have up 30,000 connections and as many followers. Track the number of connection you have to ensure its growth.

Accept and send connection request to increase your visibility and engagement over time.

People also viewed

When you are looking at your profile (click on your profile in the left column of the home page) you’ll see a section called “People also viewed.” It’s important to check this regularly. Take a look then, ask yourself these questions: Are these people in my community? Are there other thought-leaders and experts with whom I’d like to be associated?

If your answer is yes, go ahead and send a connection request. Do forget to attach a note.

Number of endorsement

While your overall endorsement doesn’t matter much, your top three skill endorsement does matter the most. Because it’s the first three skills your profile visitors see.

If you do not have an endorsement yet, ask your colleague and friends to leave one for you. Do remember them to select from your top three skills.

LinkedIn shows your skills set to profile visitors from the highest to the lowest quality.


Building a stellar profile and being an active member of LinkedIn is valuable. Use these metrics to measure that value and to make sure your efforts are having the biggest possible impact on your career success.

See the steps I use personally:

·         Step 1 – Create post/articles

·         Step 2 – Evaluate

·         Step 3 – Improve

·         Step 4 – back to square 1

Next article, we will learn how to set up your company profile on LinkedIn so your business gains more visibility. If you have questions, do ask. I respond to every comment individually.

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