Lesson 5: Teach and tell your story

A friend of mine once asked me “ why does everyone keep showing off on LinkedIn ?” I answered him saying because people have to know you exist. 

If they don’t see, they cannot tell. Humans believe what they see, read and hear a lot especially when the conversation is online.

You fall into that category right?

A good place to begin showing off your skill in LinkedIn Pulse.  Pulse makes it easy for your voice to be heard by a large audience that isn’t on your network.

A good article on pulse can generate up to 50k read. You can only imagine the number of profile check-in you will receive if you were to write an article like that.

write on linkedIn

To start writing, click the “ write an article” link as you see above on your profile. Here are a few tips and rules to get the writing juice flowing:

Think WIFM

Before you ever start writing an article on LinkedIn pulse, think about what’s in for your readers. Ask yourself questions like:

  • What do I want them to do?
  • How do I want them to feel

Having this at the back of your mind will improve everything else.

Use powerful headline

The main goal of your headline is to get the first sentence read. You can’t miss if you follow the 4 U’s of writing headlines:

  • Urgent
  • Unique
  • Useful
  • Ultra-specific to your target audience.

Write About what you know

I know research plays a big role in crafting good articles, but not compared to writing from your zone. In your zone, you are comfortable, knowledgeable and have experience. Its always good when you write from your own point of view,  not copying and pasting notes from google search results.

Create a solid outline

It will take you a long time to write an article when you don’t have a plan. Almost every article you will ever write will follow the same structure:

You have a ‘Hook’: A subject of interest that engages the reader’s interest.

An ‘opening’: this is an opening that strengthens your hook.

The ‘body’ Where you constantly impose your argument with your convictions, authority and findings.

The ‘close’ which loops back to the ‘hook’, summarizes the ‘body’ and concludes on your goal in a rhetorical manner.

Use Google search

Whenever you aren’t sure about anything, google search is a very good place to start. Learn to back everything that’s out of the ordinary with data.

Whenever possible, use adequate claims from an authority in the niche you are writing about, else some expert will shoot you up in flames.

Write to one person

Don’t try to fill your story with so much side attraction. Make it one key point to a unique person per article. You are not interested in the hundreds or thousands of persons out there.

If you write as it to one person, the reader feels more important and  valuable

Keep your title short

Don’t go overboard with names and heading. Be as concise as you can. Short and sweet is the key. Else LinkedIn will truncate your title making your post less attractive.

Use thumb-stopping Images

I process images 60,000 times faster than text but at least give me something good for my eyes.

Don’t use boring  random images likes headshot, company logo and the most post popular pics on unsplash.

Tools like Canva will help you design creative images from pre-existing templates. It’s free to use too.

Make your paragraph shot

Humans have a short concentration span. The shorter your sentences the better it is to scan through. Use a maximum of three sentences per paragraph if you want your readers to finish your post.

Share, share again and keep sharing

Its true LinkedIn does notify your network whenever you publish an article. That’s not enough to get your article in front of your target audience.

Sharing your article on LinkedIn groups, social media pages, your blog, mailing list etc will see your article gain more followership.

This is necessary especially in the first few hours of publishing your article.


In summary, to make LinkedIn pulse work for you, your article should be one that:

  • Grab attention,
  • Arouse interest
  • Spark desire
  • And get people to take action.

Next article, you will learn how to measure your Linked in success.  If you have questions, do ask. I respond to every comments individually.

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