Lesson 4: Making connections that really works

The reason for this lesson is to show you how to connect with the right persons on LinkedIn, without starting on the wrong footing. The lesson on engagement yesterday was to prepare you, so you have someone to have a  wonderful conversation with.

But why do I have to speak to anyone you might ask. The plain truth is because conversations are everything on LinkedIn.  It is through talking that you are able to make a deeper connection with your people.

Think of it, how would you like to employ or do business with someone you hardly ever know anything about. Weird right? You couldn’t even if you want to because it’s not how you and I were built.

On LinkedIn, there are certain unwritten rules you must follow if you want to have a healthy conversation. Here are a few I know will change the way you communicate on LinkedIn forever.

Be intentional

Don’t depend on LinkedIn suggestions when making a connection. You will only see people around your cycle, Same grade, same class and from the same place.

You have to be very intentional about whom you want to target. Research about their profile, take time to see what you have in common, what they have done and how you both can help each other and much more.

Doing this will get the ball rolling easier than you think.

Introduce yourself

People receive tons of connection requests daily. How do you make yourself stand out from every other person trying to connect with your potential employee or business partner?. Introducing yourself gives your connection request a 99 per cent better chance of getting accepted.

in invitation

LinkedIn offers a very profound tip to help you get started with connecting with other persons on the network.

Adding a note to every of your connection requests makes it very personal for the other person. Here’s an example:

“ Hello John,

Your vast experience in real estate caught my attention. It beats me knowing how much you have been able to achieve within a short time.

If you don’t mind, I will love to connect so I can learn how you have achieved such feet  “

A personal note, makes the other person feel good and needed.

Offer your support

Before sending a connection request, it’s necessary you go through the person’s summary, recent activity, and related connections. This will help you understand what this person is all about. Try to find their pain point, common grounds,  and areas you can help them with your skill.

As you have conversations with your connection, mention these areas, let them know what you think from a personal point of view. Talk about your previous experience as it relates to your new friend’s pain point.

Make it real

Irrespective of who you are speaking with, remember they are just someone like you. Enjoy yourself and have a real conversation like you will do with your friend.

Avoid unnecessary salutations, name-calling and regards. Addressing your LinkedIn connect on a first name basis is perfectly fine.

Don’t Ask for any favour right away.

Remember the last time you met someone at a dinner party, did you ask immediately for their income statement or ask them if they could borrow you money. No, because it will make you sound greedy, self-centred and suspicious. You don’t want to be that person.

Let them tell you about themselves. Ask questions and make valuable contributions. Humans love doing businesses with friends.

“ Talk about yourself and I will call you self-centred, talk about others and I will call you uncaring, talk about me and I will call you my best friend.

In the next article, I will show you how to build your brand using LinkedIn article and groups.  If you have any questions, do ask. I respond to every comment individually.

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