How To Get Started With Referrals: Tips You Need To Learn Now.

People will not refer others to you if they are not confident the result is going to be positive. Think about the last time you referred someone else to a vendor and, they came back & said this wasn’t what they expected.

How did you feel?

A bad referral tends to hurt the relationship, destroy connections and make you lose money long term. Think of a referral as a purchase or some form of sales commitment. Think about how long it took your friend or colleague to take the customer he is referring through their sales cycle, how long it took them to build that tight a relationship. Whenever we get or send a referral, it means putting both past and future sales testimonies on the line.

If people are not the best at what they do, you shouldn’t refer someone to them. So you don’t spoil your reputation and end up losing a customer.

It’s almost better to refer a person to your competitor knowing they will do a better job. Unlike buying a bad product/services that make you bear the loss alone, bad referrals destroy chains of relationship.

Questions to ask yourself before thinking of referrals

  1. Am I referable

In order to get referrals, you need to be “referable”. To be referable, you need to be reliable and able to deliver great services and products. Just because you ask for referrals doesn’t mean you will get them.  To get referrals, you must Improve on your services/product, keep to promises and delivery timeline.

  • Am I consistent

Your partners need to trust that not only can you provide great products and services but you are consistent in living up to high business standards.  Do customers know what to expect when they step into your office or website to do business with you? Are you totally consistent or you are just consistent based on circumstances?

Know what we know now, let see some positive ways to prepare yourself and company for referrals:

  • Live up to your branding
  • Consistent follow-up and assessment of previous customers
  • Timely communication practice
  • Efficient billing practice
  • Total satisfaction
  • Confidentiality

How have you prepared yourself and your company for referrals in a different way, share by commenting below!

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